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A home is not just a place to live.

It is your place in this whole wide world.

So, we are sure that you would want to spend some time and love in making your home, home.

Here are 5 interior design tips to create a beautiful home.

1. Do your Research

Like everything we do, if you want a great end result, do your research!

So, where to start with refurbishing a room or two in your home?

Seek inspiration and take your time before making a start.

Simply, start by looking around at colours, fabrics and textures that appeal to you. By doing so, you can collect ideas from which to draw upon.

Similarly, collecting images and using Pinterest is a fabulous way to get a feel for what you’re after.

Equally, creating a mood board is a sensational way to have a more tactile option. Adding samples and images of fabrics, wallpapers, flooring and accessories to a pinboard is incredibly useful.

Whilst you might produce a hotchpotch of designs, living with the board for a while, starts to focus your mind.

2. It’s Yours

It’s important to remember when furnishing or decorating your home, there are no rights or wrongs.

In particular, trends will come and go and unlike buying an outfit, most of us rightly expect an interior design overhaul to last a good few years!

Moreover, sometimes it’s actually better to swerve the latest fashion or colours for this very reason.

No one wants a room to be considered outdated after just a few years. Therefore, ensure you choose what you like – it’s your home and should reflect your taste.

3. Choose Your Colours

With regard to colour schemes, once you’ve got your mood board in operation, it’s likely you’ll have a preference.

Whilst you start to focus on the colours you like, endeavour to choose a palette of 3 colours to work with.

The third colour is a great option to tie the others in with cushions, blinds or even pictures.

However, regardless of the colours you opt for, white woodwork can lift a room hugely. Looking clean, fresh and elegant, it’s a great way to go, especially against contrasting walls and floors.

Whatever your colour scheme, make sure you test colours in all areas of the room. For example, the way a colour looks in the natural light is sometimes very different from a dark corner! 

4. Size Matters

Accurate measuring is critical for any interior design project.

For instance, you need to double check the size of any room when buying a piece of furniture that has to fit!

It sounds obvious but there have been many sad returns of furniture to stores when mistakes have been made. And refunds are not always an option.

Equally, when measuring windows for curtains or blinds, ensure you know exactly what measurement is required by the supplier. For example, is the window sill included or excluded? 

5. Finishing Touches

Whilst it’s tempting to source and buy finishing touches at the beginning of a project, it’s really useful to wait.

Once the walls have been painted and the curtains hung, you have more of a view of what’s required and how it will look.

At that point, you can go to town and add in cushions, rugs and lamps to enhance the colour scheme.

Similarly, using plants is a great way to make a statement.

Alternatively, using accessories such as paintings on the wall and books on a shelf to bring in tonal colours is a great way to finish off the design. 

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