Top Tips For Ensuring Ultimate Kerb Appeal For Your Home

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First impressions count – and no more so than when you’re selling your home. 

If you’re a fan of the Channel 4 hit show: Location, Location, Location, then you’re familiar with the much-used term “kerb appeal.” 

There’s evidence to prove that kerb appeal matters. A recent study by YouGov and the HomeOwners Alliance found that 68% of buyers think kerb appeal is important. 

So, how can you ensure your property’s kerb appeal entices potential buyers to walk through your front door?

1. Windows and Front doors

Good quality and well-maintained windows and doors make your property look cared for. Inadvertently, it communicates that the property presents less financial outlay for future buyers. 

You may baulk at the idea of spending several thousands of pounds on new windows and a new front door. If your budget doesn’t stretch to that, you could simply repaint your front door and windows (if they aren’t plastic/composite) or give them a good clean. 

2. The Front Garden

Less costly, is a neat and tidy front garden.

So, if you have a hedge, keep it trimmed.

Similarly, if you have a path or driveway, keep them weed-free and clean your gutters.

Also, you could invest in a few attractive window boxes with colourful flowers for added appeal. 

3. The House

Of course, what’s inside counts for more.

Still, a well-decorated exterior goes a long way to persuading buyers to walk down your front path and look inside your home. 

If your house looks a bit shabby with cracked paint and stains, either jet-wash it clean and/or paint the exterior in a neutral colour. 

4. Hide Your Wheelie Bins

Today’s homes typically have an average of two or three wheelie bins.

However, they’re not the most attractive home accessory there is, but they can be hidden from view with a simple wheelie bin screen made from wood or willow. 

You should also ensure your bins are kept clean and free from unpleasant smells that could put buyers off. This also helps to ensure that you keep unwanted rodents at bay. 

5. Good Lighting

Remember, some buyers may view your home for the first time after work, when it’s dark.

If that’s the case, invest in some exterior lights for your path or driveway and have them installed by a qualified electrician.

Adding exterior lighting also has the added benefit of making your home look and feel safe and secure. 

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to improve your home’s kerb appeal.

So, try to view your home with potential buyers’ eyes and compare it to other well-maintained homes in your price range.

If you feel your property falls short of the high standard expected by today’s buyers, it’s in your best interests to spend a few hundred pounds to bring it up to scratch.

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