How To Attract Professionals To Rent Your Property?

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Any professional landlord wants to attract tenants who pay their rent on time and take care of their property as if it were their own.

However, a perennial problem faced by many landlords is attracting those types of tenants.

So, here’s our guide to attracting professionals to rent your property.

It doesn’t matter whether you own an HMO or a flat or house you intend to rent to one or two people, the advice below will undoubtedly come in handy. 

1. Kerb Appeal

You don’t want to put off prospective tenants before they’ve stepped across your threshold.

How your property looks on the outside matters just as much as the inside. 

2. Furnishings

Your furnishings need to reflect the type of tenant you want to attract.

This includes clean and modern furniture and hard flooring rather than carpets that are easily stained and expensive to replace.

At least, you should provide essential items such as white goods, a sofa and a table and chairs. 

3. Fixtures and Fittings

Think like your tenants.

Provide enough power sockets in all the rooms for charging laptops, mobiles and so on and a fast wifi connection if this is included in the tenancy price. 

In addition, ensure your property boasts all the relevant inspection certificates, for example, boiler service and a wiring check.

Further, your bathrooms(s) will ideally have a power shower and be well ventilated to protect your property against mildew and damp. 

4. Keep it Clean

You can’t expect your tenants to look after your rental property if you don’t either.

So, your property must be clean for viewings and when tenants move in.

This includes removing any staining or scuff marks on the walls, repairing any loose fixtures and fittings and emptying the bins. To help, many landlords use a checklist to ensure they don’t miss anything out.

5. Marketing to the Right Audience

If you’re new to this game, do your homework before advertising your property. For instance, look at how other landlords market their properties and follow their lead. 

You may invest in good interior and exterior photographs of your property. Here, it’s imperative they’re taken under the right lighting conditions and when the property is clean and empty. 

Also, write a comprehensive property description with a catchy headline. Here, it’s worth including details regarding transport links and what services and amenities the area has to offer. 

In addition, outline rental and deposit costs as well as what furnishings and fixtures and fittings are included, so your tenants don’t feel there are any hidden costs. Here, you want to ensure everyone is on the same page from the get-go. 

Lastly, be transparent about all the terms of your tenancy agreement. That way, there’s less likely to be disagreements or misunderstandings at any stage of the rental. 

6. Be Prepared

When professionals view your property, not only does it have to be box fresh, you need to be prepared to answer their questions.

For instance, it’s common for prospects to query things like utility providers, bin collection days, transport links, council tax banding, etc. 


We hope you find our guide useful.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering that as much as you’re assessing your potential tenants and their suitability, they are doing the same to you. So, use the advice above to meet, (and better yet, exceed), their expectations!

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